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Sleeping Children Around The World

A portion of every Chirofoam™ mattress sold will go towards a Bedkit for a child in need.

The Charity’s Purpose

Since it’s founding in 1970, Sleeping Children Around The World (SCAW) has raised over $40 million to provide bedkits for children in 34 countries. They have helped over one million children by 2009.

Their purpose is crystal clear: give every child the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep. With sleep, the promise of a better tomorrow is realized

The consequences of deprived sleep are well documented. It is a fact that poor sleep leads to long term issues, especially in young children. Sleep has tremendous effects on health, memory, emotions and academic potential. No child should ever be deprived of a peaceful sleep.

Core Values

Sleeping Children Around The World and their core values:

  • It is the basic right of every child to have to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • 100% of all bedkit donations go directly to its contents. No portion is used to pay for operating expenses.
  • They provide hope and joy and aim to preserve the dignity of each child they help.
  • They verify that each bedkit is received by a child in need.
  • All donations are of “free will” giving. They will not undertake telemarketing, door to door appeals, mass mailings or use professional fundraisers to help their cause.

What Is A Bedkit?

Bedkits have benefited more than a million children in 34 developing countries around the world and are largely comprised of the following items:

  • A mat or mattress/bedding
  • A mosquito net to combat the threat of malaria & other vector-borne diseases
  • Schoolbag and school supplies
  • Clothing and footwear

All items are sourced locally where possible, with positive economic impact to the local community.


Volunteerism takes on a new definition at Sleeping Children, because it means more than just giving back. They believe their volunteers get a lot more than they give; they actually nourish their own humanity.

At Sleeping Children there are three distinct kinds of volunteers required to mount a global initiative such as ours. More than 2000 volunteers are from all over the world.

1 Bedkit For Every Chirofoam Mattress

With every purchase of a Chirofoam mattress, we will donate a Bedkit to a child in need. A bedkit provides a child with the means to go on thriving and the promise that the world holds a brighter future.

These Bedkits provide a child with the basic necessities for sleep. This transforms the life of that child and these tools have a lasting effect on the entire family.

Thank You For Helping To Provide A Child In Need With Better Sleep.

For More Information On Sleeping Children Around The World Visit Their Website At WWW.SCAW.ORG


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