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In their search for better performance throughout the day, many people experiment with new diets, new exercise regimens and new technological gadgets to sharpen their focus and make them more productive. But here’s the reality: none of those steps will have a significant impact on your daily performance if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

That’s why having the perfect mattress that’s designed to optimize your nightly sleep is so important. Through rigorous scientific testing, Toronto-based Chirofoam has come up with a memory foam mattress that is designed to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The secret was being able to create a mattress that’s not too soft and not too firm.

We call our technology “chirofoam” and it’s a way of optimizing both comfort and support. The optimal mattress, it turns out, is actually “medium-firm” – it’s firm enough to resist sagging and give support, but not too firm to prevent the body from sleeping comfortably.

To make that possible, the Chirofoam memory foam mattress includes a number of innovative features, such as a gel infused memory foam layer that works together with the firm memory support foam to cushion your body and relieve pressure built up in your muscles and joints. The mattress also includes a pro lumbar support layer that works together with the bio foam core to support your body and align your back to its natural curves while you rest at night.

That’s just the beginning of how Chirofoam has used cutting-edge technology to deliver a superior sleep experience. For example, that same gel infused memory foam top layer also aids in transferring heat away from the body at night so that you maintain a balanced sleep temperature. And, since there are no moving parts like those you’d find in a traditional coil mattress, you don’t have to worry about any excess motion transfer from tossing and turning at night. And each mattress is made from the highest-quality components, which enables them to keep their shape and resist sagging.

All that adds up to a superior sleep experience. Chirofoam users are overwhelmingly positive about the ability of their made-in-Toronto memory foam mattress to deliver a good night’s sleep. 97.2% of Chirofoam mattress users, for example, report an improvement in sleep comfort and quality. Furthermore, 91.7% of users report improved relief in daily back pain, and that’s one big reason why so many Toronto-area chiropractors have recommended the Chirofoam memory foam mattress. Finally, 93.6% of Chirofoam users report increased energy in the morning and throughout the day.

That last statistic is the one that should really be eye-opening. Not only are you sleeping better throughout the night, you are literally waking up in the morning full of new energy to take on the day. No more waking up after seven hours of sleep and still feeling groggy! Thus, if you’re committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, the one choice that you need to make right now is to swap out your old sagging mattress for a new, state-of-the-art Chirofoam memory foam mattress.

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