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Why Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Expanding

Why Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Expanding

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If you have a memory foam mattress, you might be wondering why it's not expanding. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they offer several benefits over traditional spring-based mattresses, but if your mattress is not expanding and the surface looks like an imprint of your body where you sleep at night, this can be frustrating and disappointing.

If this sounds familiar, don't worry: there are likely reasons for why the surface isn't hardening into its usual shape. Here, we will help you understand why your memory foam mattress is not expanding and what to do about it!

5 Reasons Why Your Memory Foam Mattress Is Not Expanding

You Simply Did Not Allow Enough Time!

If you opened your new mattress box and it appears thin, or smushed, then a common reason may be that you simply did not give it enough time to expand! Memory foam mattresses need at least 24 hours to fully expand. If they're not given this much time before use then their comfort can suffer as well: 

Memory foam mattresses may feel too firm initially and also take longer than usual for the bedding edges (the corners) of sheets/curtains etc., which touches first against them when we get into bed during night-time hours; these parts aren't compressed enough while waiting like all others due to slow inflation rates in most cases.

Mattresses should expand within the first hour of being inflated. If it's been more than 1 to 2 hours, you can still put off the mattress for another day and be safe assuming that your new bed fully expands then!

Your Room May Be Too Humid!

Remember that memory foam mattresses are very porous, so they won’t absorb too much humidity. That said if you live in an environment with high levels of moisture the mattress may expand poorly and could cause performance issues for yourself or your partner! One way to combat this problem is by lowering down on how wet it's getting- sometimes all people need some fresh air through open windows at night while everyone else has gone bad.

Your Room Is Too Cold

Why does the viscosity of memory foam change with temperature? The answer is simple: it becomes more fluid and flexible when heated. This means that if you leave your mattress in a cool room, there may be problems because as time goes on and days pass by; expansion won't happen at all--or maybe just extremely slow compared to other mattresses!

The chemicals used for making this type or product can reactivate themselves - becoming less solid (thinner) than before--so packers should take care not only how long they store them away from heat sources but also what temperatures are around these items while being stored.

The Mattress Is Too Dense

Mattresses that are thick and firm can expand very little. This is because their density doesn't allow for much air to go into the mattress, which causes it not to spring back in a timely manner after you sit on it or turn over in bed at night (this happens when your body weight presses down). 

Your Mattress May Be Defective

If you have a memory foam mattress that doesn't seem to be expanding or staying at the right temperature, there could just be some bad luck. It might have arrived defective from shipping and handling- after all this time! But if it's less than six months old then your warranty should still apply so contact customer service with any questions about getting those replaced as soon as possible before something happens.

Our Tips For Expanding Your Memory Foam Mattress

Wait At Least 72 Hours

After unboxing the mattress, you may want to leave it on your floor for up to three days. This gives time so that it can fully expand and be at its best comfort level!

Leave Your Mattress In A Warm And Dry Room

Memory foam is actually a substance that can change shape depending on how much pressure it's being measured with. That means, the colder your room temperature gets- which will cause expansion delays in terms of memory foam! To get this expanded quickly again just make sure you're at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit and let those cells do their job before it's too late.

Use A Proper Foundation

One reason your memory mattress may not maintain its proper shape is due to an old foundation. A new foundation will provide a well distributed surface area when it comes to your mattress shape. When buying a new foundation such as a box spring, we recommend updating your bed frame as well if you're not using an existing frame with slats.

Provide Ventilation 

A mattress topper is a great way to get the most out of your bed. Providing ventilation can help it expand fully, improve air circulation by opening windows or turning on fans next door and improving how well-ventilated you keep this area will also make sure that any chemicals released from off-gassing are less likely to enter into homes through other doors where ventilation isn't as good. 

Walk On Top of the Mattress

Loosen up the foam layers of your mattress topper by rolling on top or simply walking around its edges for a few minutes. This may sound unusual, but body heat and constant movement activate these materials which will help loosen them so they can better conform with individual shapes while you sleep well at night!

Which Mattresses Expand Faster?

High quality mattresses are often considered to be more comfortable than lower quality mattresses.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that higher quality materials expand faster. To test this, we put five different brands of mattresses through an environment designed to simulate the conditions they would experience after being completely submerged in water for several minutes.

We then measured how much each mattress expanded over time using image analysis software, and compared results across brands.

As was expected based on our knowledge about their properties, there were no significant differences between the expansion rates for any of the bedding items (Exhibit 2). Therefore, you should not make your purchasing decision based on which brand of mattress might "expand faster".

F.A.Q(frequently asked questions)

Why are the corners of my memory foam mattress not expanding?

The most common reasons why the corners of your memory foam mattress won't expand are similar if not identical to full mattress expansion problems as we listed earlier. Here are some main reasons why the corners of your memory foam mattress may not be expanding properly. 

  • Your room is too humid.
  • The room is too cold.
  • You simply did not give your mattress enough time to expand.
  • The mattress was left in the box for too long.
  • The mattress is defective.

How long does it take a memory foam mattress to expand?

A new memory foam mattress needs time to expand and get comfortable. This process can take about 6 hours for the bedding industry-standard 90% percent of fullness, but it can take up 12 total hours or more if you're not using too much force on your body while sleeping (or sitting). 

How can I make my memory foam expand faster?

The best tip we can provide when trying to make your memory foam mattress expand faster is to ensure that it is in a warm environment.

A warmer room is the perfect environment for memory foam mattresses. If you are experiencing cold temperatures, it's best to place your new purchase in an area with plenty of heaters or warm air vents so that its shape can expand more quickly and easily!

Will A Cheaper Memory Foam Mattress Hinder Expansion? 

The quality of your mattress may very well have an impact on how well it expands. Cheaper memory foam use outdated materials and technology that can be negatively affected by factors such as temperature or how long the mattress was rolled and kept in its original box. Higher quality mattresses may use better materials to help avoid issues when expanding them for the first time. However, take this with a grain of salt as there are many cheaper alternatives that have no issues depending on the brand or manufacturer. To find which mattresses are reliable and which may cause you problems, simply do your research by checking consumer reports and reviews on whatever model of memory foam mattress your interested in. 


We hope you found the information in this blog post helpful. If your memory foam mattress is not expanding correctly, try these tips to help it expand better and get more comfortable over time. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional advice on how to best care for your mattress!

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