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The Chirofoam memory foam mattress is available for free express delivery in the greater Toronto area. We have partnered with retail mattress stores National Mattress to offer our Toronto customers expedited delivery, usually within 1-2 business days to all areas of the greater Toronto area. Customers are also encouraged to visit the Milton, Mississauga, and Markham locations to try the mattress which is on display and even available for pick up from the stores.


As a leading memory foam mattress manufacturer and supplier in the Toronto area, we strive to make our mattress more accessible to our customers in the greater Toronto area. We hope that our new retail partnership will encourage customers to try the mattress in-store and ask the mattress experts any questions they may have about our memory foam mattress and how it can make a positive impact on their sleep, and overall well being. We will continue to build more retail partnerships across Toronto and the rest of Canada with other retail partners in the near future.


By making the Chirofoam memory foam mattress available through our retail partner National Mattress, we are also able to provide expedited delivery on the mattress anywhere in the greater Toronto area. By using local delivery trucks, we eliminate the processing and handling time associated with courier companies and can now offer our memory foam mattress to be delivered in customers’ homes within 1-2 business days. This will allow our customers to receive their mattress quicker, and get the good night’s sleep they’ve been dreaming at a fraction of the time.


National Mattress is known for its amazing mattress sales and opportunities to buy quality brand name mattresses at a discounted price. The Chirofoam memory foam mattress will be actively involved in the company’s mattress sales and promotional opportunities. Be on the lookout for the Chirofoam mattress to go on sale at National Mattress to get the best price possible on our top-selling memory foam mattress. As always, you can check back on our website for current discount codes and promotions which can also be price matched at National Mattress if you decide to purchase the mattress in-store.

We hope that our new partnership with National Mattress in the greater Toronto area will encourage customers to try our memory foam mattress in-store, use the benefit of express delivery in the greater Toronto area, and also take advantage of any memory foam mattress sales the company may offer. As always, we would like to thank our Toronto customers for their ongoing business and support, and we will strive to build more retail partnerships with companies in Toronto and the rest of Canada in the near future.

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