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How To Deal With Dust Mites In A Foam Mattress

How To Deal With Dust Mites In A Foam Mattress

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If you're one of the many people who don't think about dust mites until they make their presence known, it's probably because a pesky red rash usually indicates that there are more than just allergies at work. 

These tiny creatures thrive in warm and humid environments - perfect for your bed! Luckily though we can do something about this situation. Follow these tips on how to keep dust mites out of your memory foam mattress once and for all!

What Are Dust Mites

We all know that bedding can be filled with microscopic insects, but did you also realize they're the dust mites? These tiny creatures thrive in warm humid environments like those within a home - so much so it's possible to never see one unless it bite or crawls onto your hand! The allergens generated by these pesky pests trigger allergic reactions including asthma for some people who suffer from eczema-like dermatitis caused because of their presence along other conditions such as hay fever when allergens get into nasal passage during sleep.

Indicators Of Possible Dust Mites

Allergy Symptoms 

If you’re prone to allergies or asthma and live in a home with multiple dust mites, know that these tiny creatures may be making your issues worse! The presence of their bodies can trigger coughing fits as well wheezing loudly from time-to-time.

Itchy or Irritated Eyes

Hay fever doesn't just make your nose runny, itchy and red; there are many different factors that can contribute to the problem. One of these allergens is dust mites which leave behind allergens causing inflammation around our eyelids or even worse - inside our eyes! Not only do they live on us constantly but their microscopic germs produce Particulate Matter less than 2 microns large when dwelling in places like bedding at night time (or if hay Fever has been happening for too long).

Skin Irritation

Keep your house clean by keeping the air inside it free of dust mites. This microscopic beings cause skin problems like eczema and asthma, but they're not just humans who are affected; these pests affect animals too! Pick up any lifting at once or over time will make you sick - so keep those windows closed when possible to limit exposure as much as possible while washing regularly can help avoid illness in both people and pets.

Our Tips On Dealing With Dust Mites In Your Memory Foam Mattress

Keep It Clean!

Did you know that the number of dust mites in your bed may be higher than what's considered normal? If so, it is important to regularly clean your bedding thoroughly(sheets/mattress) and perform self care as well. Make sure this task isn't left for too long between cleansings because an infestation can occur if they're not removed properly!

Use An Air Purifier

Dehumidifiers and air purifiers are a great way to eliminate the conditions that dust mites thrive in. Removing these unwanted pests from your home can help you breathe better with less risk for respiratory issues like asthma as well!

Invest In A Hypoallergenic Mattress Cover

Hypoallergenic mattress covers are a great solution for protecting your bed from dirt, spills, bacteria, and ofcourse, dust mites!. The materials of these pads allow moisture to be wicked away, which is typically an ideal environment for dust mites and even bed bugs to thrive in. Most mattress protectors are also very breathable so you don't have an unpleasant odor when sleeping on hot nights or during summer months!

Get Rid Of Old Bedding

The importance of getting rid of old bedding, sheets and mattresses that might harbor dust mites is paramount. Even carpets upholstery fabrics should also be replaced because they can host these allergies which cause asthma or any other respiratory problems so if you have those then this could aggravate them even more!

To Sum It All Up!

Your bed is your sanctuary. It should be dust-free and full of comfort, not irritate you with each breath! The good news is that you can make this happen by simply following our simple tips for reducing dust mites in your memory foam mattress.

If you're interested in buying a mattress cover for that extra dust control, then you can check out this product page. If you have any questions about dust mites, simply ask your question in the comment section below!

Happy sleeping!

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