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And we mean it.

Our mattress has your back covered. From supporting you while you binge-watch the last season of your favorite TV show, to being that pillar of comfort while you work late night in bed, We got your back!

The average human spends a third of their life sleeping. With that amount of time spent laying horizontally, there is no doubt that you need to rest on the best of the best.  Poor sleep quality can have many negative consequences on your daily life.  We know it’s important not only to get a good night’s sleep but ensure the mattress supports your body appropriately.

The Chirofoam mattress is here to change the way you sleep. Combining comfort and support throughout the night, the Chirofoam mattress possesses benefits that extend throughout your daily life. Our chiropractor recommended mattress will not only provide you with benefits to help you sleep but conform to your body’s natural curves.


  • Fits just right.More than likely at some point in your life, you’ve encountered a mattress that felt like you were sleeping on rocks or that you were going to fall through the mattress because of its undesirable sagging ability. Chirofoam was designed to harmonize with your body’s natural contours to provide you with increased lumbar support and resists dips throughout the mattress. Whether you prefer a firm mattress or your partner prefers something a bit softer, this premium mattress was designed for all body types.
  • Slouching over your computer? Time to Chirofoam & Chill.Improper posture, improper lifting or sitting for long periods of time can cause strain on your back and place undesirable pressure on your back and spine. One step in the right direction to alleviate this pressure and align your spine while sleeping is to choose a mattress that can help relieve this back pain.
  • Cold, hot, sweaty. Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night is crucial in getting the quality of sleep you need to perform the next day. The additional body heat after a long day leads to night sweats and prevents your muscles from cooling down efficiently. The gel-infused memory foam top layer of a Chirofoam mattress is built to whisk heat away from your body and stay cool while you sleep.
  • Motivation is key. Looking for ways to increase motivation? A good night’s sleep might be the answer. The Chirofoam mattress will help you feel rejuvenated and wake up pain-free to tackle the day ahead.
  • Better sleep, better life.When you are well-rested, focus to certain tasks heightens allowing you to be more productive through day-to-day tasks and provides more opportunities for you to be more creative. Chirofoam’s premium mattress will certainly help these aspects of your life.

Time to curl up on your new Chirofoam mattress. Welcome to a whole new sleeping experience.

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